Learn How to Say 'No'

The Ultimate Guide To Learning How to Say 'No' that gives you everything you need to say 'no' when you need to, without giving in to pressure and without feeling guilty

Are you tired of finding yourself saying 'Yes' to things that you know you shouldn't have? 

Wondering whether you'll ever be able to turn down endless requests from others to help, to donate, or give more time than you should? Struggling to find time for the things you want? Struggling to make room for your own life goals?

Don't risk sacrificing accomplishing your own goals simply because you sign up to too many requests from others and end up over-committing.

The Ultimate Guide To Saying 'No' and Finding Time To Accomplish Your Own Life Goals will teach you everything you need in order to understand WHY you say 'yes' too many times, to recognise if you're addicted to saying 'yes', and 'word-for-word' scripts to use when you need to say 'no' but find it difficult. You'll learn how not saying 'no' is harming you and you'll learn the questions to ask yourself to help determine which requests to agree to and which to turn down. By the time you're done, you'll be able to say 'no' confidently, politely and at the right time.


It doesn't have to be hard (or painful and awkward) saying 'no' to requests for help that you know you should turn down. You're the one who needs to be in control of your time and your life - not endlessly pulled from one direction to another. The Ultimate Guide to Saying 'No' has everything covered. You'll learn the mindset changes you can make, the 'how to's' of saying no and the exact words you need to use in different situations.


16 Signs That You Are Addicted to Saying 'Yes'

Read 16 signs that will tell you if you are addicted to saying 'yes'.


6 Reasons Why We Don't Say 'No'

6 key reasons why we don't say 'no' will help you delve into the psychological reasons behind you getting yourself over-committed. I'll show you what they are so that you can see how you're being led by an underlying need to gain peoples' approval, amongst other things, rather than making rational, sound decisions in how you give of your time.


Why Your Inability to Say 'No' is Harming You

Find out the 8 ways that your inability to say 'no' is harming you. Sometimes we need to really understand the effects of what we're doing to give us the motivation to make positive changes that will help every area of our lives. Your inability to say 'no' IS impacting every part of your life - and learning to say 'no' will profoundly and positively affect your life.


How to Say 'No'

In this section we get into the nitty gritty of how to say 'no' - delving into how your current mindset and thoughts is preventing you from saying 'no' and providing you with the practical guidelines you need when it comes to saying 'no' confidently and assertively, without offending people. I'll show you the secret to saying 'no' with confidence with these 7 key guidelines.


How to Decide What to Say 'Yes' to & What to Say 'No' to

I help you make good decisions on what to say 'yes' to and what to say 'no' to, so that you can do it intelligently and wisely. I give you 14 questions you can ask yourself so that you can say 'no' confidently without second-guessing yourself afterwards. This method of self-reflection I give you will also help you to quieten any guilt you feel when saying 'no' to requests for help.


Scripts to Use to Say 'No'

Often we know we need to say 'no' but we just don't know what words to use and get tongue-tied when the moment to say 'no' comes. I'll show you the exact words you need to use to say 'no' effectively.


How to Make Room for What You Want

Finally, you need practical guidelines to start making room for what you want. This is your 'preventative medicine' which will make saying 'no' so much easier - because you've got a plan and a proper understanding of how you want to make use of your time. This will stop other things 'unwittingly' squeezing themselves into your life. I'll show you how to do this quickly and easily.